Granby Composites designs and manufactures premium quality 100% leakproof fiberglass tanks that require zero maintenance. In addition to being much more economical than concrete tanks, our fiberglass tanks are 30 times lighter. Our products are designed for dry or flooded excavation (discover types of use). Our tanks are delivered ready-for-use and have a storage capacity ranging from 2,000 to 42,000 gallons (7,000 to 157,000 litres).


Granby Composites also manufactures underground tanks. Through our specialized equipment, we can create uniquely-designed fiberglass tanks tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Used in a wide variety of industries, our large and multi-purpose tanks meet provincial and municipal standards regarding septic tank installation.


Our storage fiberglass tanks make for a cost-efficient and durable solution and comply with municipal, provincial and environmental regulations. This type of product is a sound choice for a site’s temporary potable water supply needs, for instance. On top of being low maintenance, the tanks are easy to connect through communicating vessels in all types of locations.

Types of uses