Aboveground Tanks of Water or Non-contaminating Liquids

Have you considered using an above-ground fiberglass tank for your commercial or industrial project? Versatile, our aboveground tanks have a capacity ranging from 7,000 to 157,000 liters of water (2,000 to 42,000 gallons). They can be used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of liquids, with diameters of 6, 8 or 10 feet.

They compare favorably to those made of other materials: 

  • Lightweight — 30 times lighter than concrete and 4 times lighter than steel, fiberglass makes it easier to transport and handle while reducing weight on the docking structures. 
  • Sustainability — No erosion or degradation for the next 30 years… minimum! The gel-coated fiberglass is even resistant to UV rays.  Sustainability can also be considered from an environmental perspective.  The absence of seals eliminates the risk of leakage. 
  • Economical – Fiberglass’ lightweight design translates into transportation and installation costs (which can be done on a cement slab or crushed stone base), while its durability means minimal maintenance and repair costs. 

The biggest advantage is the turnkey aspect: all our products are ready for use right out of the box.  Granby Composites provides the detailed engineering, manufacturing and transportation of all the components of your above-ground water tank. 

Imagine being able to take advantage of accessible personalized services and the best delivery time on the market! Discover the many possible applications here.

Aboveground Tank Capacities

Do you have greater needs? Please note that our tanks can be installed to form communicating vessels.

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Whether it’s for fire protection, rainwater, potable water or an alternative to a waste water system