We offer you a wide range of options regarding your underground storage projects. Our products are well suited to respond to the diversified mandates of our clients, whose needs vary based on the market and business sector. Our team of experts develops, manufactures and distributes fiberglass tanks and specialized equipment, whether it’s for fire protection, rainwater, potable water or an alternative to a waste water system.

We are proud to have established – over 15 years of experience and a thousand of tanks installed – a dependable reputation that today allows us to meet the highest quality standards in the field. We are thus able to offer you a top-quality product, custom designed, provided by a courteous and efficient service, so we always rise to your expectations.


Our enterprise commits to be a reliable and responsible partner, and to assist you in all your different projects directly or indirectly associated with water storage. Benefit from a proactive and turn-key approach, but mostly from a product which appears to be the ideal cost-effective and long-term solution. We also offer others products related to our fiberglass tanks.

We aim at offering a best in class service to our customers and prospects.
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