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Welcome to Granby Composites where innovation meets reliability. 

At Granby Composites, excellence is not just a goal – it’s an expectation. Count on us for unparalleled engineering services, functionality, and durability for all your fiberglass water tank storage needs.

From the definition of technical specifications to after-sales service, including assistance in the production of quotes, our qualified engineering team supports and advises you to maximize the positive benefits associated with your fiberglass tanks.

Easy to reach by phone and email, our team members are passionate about their work, where each project represents a challenge of personalization. 

At Granby Composites, each of your needs is considered to provide you with a customized and ready-to-install solution. Do you want to have a manhole at the place x rather than y? Of course! Do you need a valve in this place? No problem! Do you need an insulated tank instead? It’s like it’s done. 

Your Ally, From Specification to Implementation

The main benefits of working with our team: 

  • Competence – Our team captures your needs and translates them into drawings to illustrate them; your team can then develop the mechanical and technical drawings required for approval.
  • Customization – Together with your engineers, our team designs the tank or pumping station that meets the exact specifications of your liquid recovery, storage, or management project.
  • Ready to install – Plus, throughout the process, our team ensures that these products are easily integrated into your on-site facilities and equipment for you to use as soon as they are received.

Design at the Cutting Edge of Current Standards

All our products are designed to meet professional industry standards in all the territories in which we operate.

Before accepting a contract, our team checks the drawings and specifications. The objective? Make sure they meet the various requirements for compliance with standards and warranties.

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What to Expect in Terms of Process

Are you at the planning and quotation stage? Our team will guide you toward the product that best meets your project’s needs, and advise you on the various customizations required.

Do you already have the plans and specifications in hand? Our team will take a moment with you to review the technical specifications planned by the engineering firm. Modifications may be required to meet our standards.

When everyone agrees on the plans and specifications, a voucher is issued and the transport costs are defined. The account can be opened, and a deposit will be required. Once the drawings have been approved, the order goes into production and is delivered promptly.

The preparatory work for installation and the installation itself are handled by the customer and his suppliers. However, our team remains available to assist you during this process, for example, by explaining changes if any have been made, or helping with technical specifications to obtain warranty coverage.

To learn more about the technical aspects of our tanks, visit the Resources section.

We aim at offering a best in class service to our customers and prospects.
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