Have Enough Water in Case of Fire

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Mitigating the Risk of Fire on Your Territory

A small municipality in the Centre-du-Québec region wanted to ensure it had access to sufficient water within the timeframe defined in its risk coverage plan. Even if there was a watercourse nearby, firefighters couldn’t rely on it to protect the territory. When it wasn’t major floods or droughts that limited their field of action, it was winter ice or other technical constraints.

Fiberglass Tank Type

The Granby Composites team proposed a 20,000 US gallon fiberglass underground water tank specifically designed for fire protection. 

The Challenge

Time proved to be the main constraint. Indeed, like all municipalities in the province, it had until the end of 2023 to 1) meet the requirements of its regional county municipality’s (MRC) fire risk coverage plan, and 2) apply the terms and conditions set out therein. By the time the call for tenders was published on the Quebec government’s electronic tendering system (SEAO), summer had already passed.

Proposed Solutions

  • Customization to suit protection needs and installation site;
  • Proven manufacturing processes for rapid delivery.

The Results Obtained

  • Better protection in the event of fire thanks to rapid commissioning: The process took only 6 weeks, from design to delivery;
  • A municipality that retains its exemption from civil liability;
  • An independent system that eliminates the need to connect to a water supply system.

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