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Fire Protection

It’s a dream location: A summer theater and festivities area by the sea. Passing tourists have no idea that this cultural venue has been rebuilt after falling prey to flames. To prevent history from repeating itself, the owners of this Petite-Vallée attraction called in Granby Composites.

Fiberglass Tank Type

Our team proposed an 8-foot-diameter, 15,586 US-gallon fiberglass underground water tank specially designed for fire protection.

The Challenge

The ground near the sea was particularly hard; the installer, Solutions d’eau Bourgelas, had to use dynamite to position the tank.

Proposed Solutions

  • Customization that allows the tank to 1) supply the automatic sprinkler system, and 2) supply water to the fire department truck thanks to the integration of a dry hydrant ;
  • Unrivalled durability: no erosion or leaks thanks to a monocoque tank with a lifespan of over 30 years.

The Results Obtained

  • For homeowners, a reduction in business risk resulting from a fire, and insurance premiums that can drop by 30-50% after the installation of a dry hydrant;
  • An installation that complies with NFPA1142 standards, enabling the municipality to comply with the terms of its fire safety cover plan;
  • Culture lovers can enjoy performances and festivities in complete safety.

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